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Physical and Occupational Therapy Centers

At EmergeOrtho, total orthopaedic care involves a team approach, which includes numerous experts at our nine physical therapy centers. Our outstanding staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists/certified hand therapists, certified athletic trainers and physical therapy assistants have decades of experience. To stay current with the most advanced techniques and technologies, the staff undergoes rigorous continuing education throughout the year.If you would like to make an appointment with our physical therapy department, please contact us at: 910-332-3828

One Facility, Integrated Care

With the exception of our new Jacksonville physical therapy office, our physical therapy centers are housed in the same buildings as our orthopaedic practice locations, which allows our patients to enjoy a seamless approach to their treatment. Therapists and physicians are able to confer daily on patient care to ensure the best outcomes, reduce medical costs and expedite recovery.

EmergeOrtho's physical therapy centers offer comprehensive therapeutic care to help patients increase muscle strength, maximize range of motion and decrease pain. Every patient receives a highly customized treatment plan, based not only on the patient’s injury, condition and/or type of surgical procedure, but also on his or her general level of fitness and health. Extenuating issues such as diabetes, obesity, and many other conditions are carefully considered in therapeutic recommendations.

Hand Therapy

Several of EmergeOrtho’s physical therapy centers offer certified hand therapy specialists. A bit of a misnomer, hand therapy extends beyond just the hand to also include rehabilitation of the wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle. The specialty is a blend of occupational and physical therapy, concentrating on the function of the entire upper extremity. Therapies are aimed at restoring function, preventing dysfunction and reversing the progression of disease.

Manual Therapy

Manual physical therapy is a specific type of treatment in which the therapist uses his or her hands, rather than machines or other equipment. By manually manipulating the patient’s muscles and joints, therapists can very effectively aid in pain reduction, joint mobilization, decreased swelling and relief from muscle spasms and/or tension.

Spine Program

Our therapists are specially trained in pain management for all areas of the spine, helping patients find relief for disc and muscular issues of the neck and back. EmergeOrtho’s physical therapy centers also offer the renowned McKenzie Method of therapy, a specialized approach for the assessment, treatment and prevention of spine conditions.

Gait Analysis and Training

Patients who have varying levels of mobility can benefit from learning or relearning a proper gait. Our therapists are adept at treating patients with a range of conditions— from those who are progressing from a wheelchair to a walker, to marathon runners seeking to avoid injuries by adjusting their stride.

Sports-Specific Training

Our involvement with area athletes includes physical therapy, as well as athletic training and conditioning, for all ages and activity levels. EmergeOrtho is the chosen practice for many of the area’s sports teams on the professional, collegiate and high school levels.

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Therapy

These programs, too, are very individualized. Whether building strength and improving conditioning before surgery or rehabilitating after surgery, each program is tailored to the type of surgery, the condition or injury, and the patient’s general level of health and fitness.




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