PatientResources FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the doctor only in on certain days, and where is he when he's not in the office?

A. When the doctor is not at a particular office, he is usually in surgery or at a different office.

Q. What hospitals can your doctors admit patients to?

A. Hospital affiliation varies from physician to physician. The hospitals that are most frequently used are the Cape Fear Orthopedic Specialty Hospital at NHRMC, NHRMC, Wilmington Surgcare, Atlantic Surgicenter, Novant and Dosher. The decision is between you and your surgeon, depending on insurance coverage.

Q. Which office locations do the doctors go to?

A. We have nine office location, please select the office location to see a listing of the providers at the office location:
Shipyard Office: 3787 Shipyard Boulevard in Wilmington,
Ashton Office: 2716 Ashton Drive in Wilmington,
Porters Neck Office: 8115 Market Street in Porters Neck,
Brunswick Forest Office: 1333 S. Dickinson Drive, Suite 120 in Leland,
Jacksonville Office: 3382 Henderson Drive in Jacksonville,
Waterford Office: 509 Olde Waterford Way, Ste 103 in Leland,
Southport Office: 902 North Howe Street in Southport,
Sunset Beach Office: 710 Sunset Blvd., Suite C in Sunset Beach
Supply Office: 18 Doctors Circle, Suite I in Supply

Q. Is a co-pay required for follow up visits?

A. Under most insurance policies, a co-pay is due at each visit, including follow-up visits. The only exception to this might be after surgery when the insurance company gives you a period of time when no co-pay is due for an office visit. You should check with your individual insurance company.

Q. Are there local resources available in the community for patients without insurance?

Please click here to download a pdf detailing health care availability options for individuals without health insurance in Cape Fear, Brunswick, New Hanover, Bladen, Onslow, Pender and Columbus counties.

Q. What is a PA-C?

A. A PA-C is a Physician Assistant-Certified.

Q. Why do I have to fill out a form every time I come in?

A. It gives the physicians and personnel involved in your care a tracking system to monitor your current condition and review the progress you have made.

Q. Why do the doctors switch office sides at the Shipyard and Ashton office?

A. The doctors will move sides depending on what other doctors are in that day. They are put together as group to help optimize the flow of the clinic and to shorten the wait time for you.

Q. How do I obtain my medical records?

A. The first step is to fill out a written request that states that we have permission to release your records. After the release is received, the records are processed and forwarded to the designated party. Please contact our medical records department at 910-332-3800 ext. 7850.

Q. Why is there a charge for my medical records?

A. There is no charge to you if we are sharing your information with another physician's office. If you would like to get a copy of your records, there is a charge to help cover the cost of preparing the records.

Q. Why can't another doctor see me?

A. If you have been under the care of a particular physician, it is important for that physician to see you as this helps to ensure continuity of care and a better understanding of your needs.

Q. Why do I need to come in? Why can't I get my test results over the phone?

A. Your physician reviews both the report that the radiologist provides and the films. Your physician knows you and your signs and symptoms and prefers to provide you with his assessment and interpretation of your test. This will allow your physician to address your questions and concerns.

Q. Which insurances do you take?

A. Below is a list of the most common types accepted. Anytime you have questions about charges, call our business office at 910-763-7925 where we'll gladly assist you.

  • Accordia

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • Corvel

  • KeyRisk

  • Medcost

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare


  • United Healthcare

  • Worker's Compensation


Q. Why do I have to pay a copay?

A. OrthoWilmington does not make determinations about co-pays; this is determined by your specific insurance company.  We have signed an agreement with the insurances we participate with to collect a co-pay for any charges incurred during your visit.  It is the patient's responsibility to pay his or her co-pay at the time of service.

Q. What is my deductible?

A. The deductible part of your insurance coverage requires that you pay a certain amount yourself (e.g.; $500) before your insurance will begin paying claims.  Once you have paid the total amount of your deductible (whether to one or more providers), your insurance will begin paying on claims. Deductibles vary by insurance company so you should consult your policy to determine your deductible amount.

Q. Why am I getting different bills from different companies?

A. OrthoWilmington only bills for the surgeon's part of the surgery; there is a separate charge from the facility (hospital or surgery center) for their service during the surgery.  In some cases, there may also be a separate charge for the anesthesiologist's service during the surgery. For MRI Services there will be a charge from Delaney Radiologists for the professional fee and one from OrthoWilmington for the technical fee.

Q. How does the payment plan work?

A. OrthoWilmington makes every attempt to assist patients with their financial needs. Our payment plans vary, but we normally ask for half of the payment on or before the date of service, with monthly payments to be completed within 90 days-180 days of the date of service. If you are a patient without insurance we do offer discounts if you pay the bill in full.  

Q. How much will the visit cost?

A. OrthoWilmington will make every attempt to assist you in your financial planning by providing a general quote for any future visits; however, since there are many variables that can vary on a case-by-case basis, these quotes are only an estimate of the costs expected. Simply contact our Business Office at (910) 332-3800 and select option 6 for information on the cost of your future visit.

Q. Who do I talk to about billing?  

A. The Business Office can provide answers to almost all billing questions. Our insurance specialists are very knowledgeable and have a vast knowledge base in insurance claims payment, denials and appeals. Our staff is willing to assist you with both your insurance and self-pay billing questions. We can be contacted at (910)332-3800 select menu option #6.

Q. Where do I pick up my prescription?

A. Your prescription can be picked up at the front desk at the Shipyard office and Ashton Drive offices. For our satellite office locations, prescriptions may be picked up the front desks of Porters Neck, Brunswick Forest and Jacksonville offices.

Q. How can I obtain my medical records?

A. You need to complete a records release form; please call the office at (910) 332-3800 and we will be happy to fax or mail you a copy. If your records are being released to another medical provider, this will be free of charge.  If the records are being released to an attorney or you, there will be a small processing fee.

Q. Can you send me my X-Ray/MRIs?

A. X-Rays/MRIs can be mailed to you. If your appointment is within one week it would be faster for you to come and pick them up. There is a $10 fee for making copies of the films and processing.  

Q. How do I get my Worker's Comp claim number?  

A. Your employer will have your claim number; this is usually kept within your HR department.

Q. Why do I need to check in a half-hour early?

A. Arriving early allows time to fill out any forms or paperwork that may be required. You can fill out this paperwork ahead of time online.  

Q. Why do I need to fill out paperwork?

A. These forms are the only way to get the needed information to allow for billing of your insurance and to begin to understand your medical condition. You can fill out this paperwork ahead of time online.  

Q. Why do I have to bring my MRI/X-ray/etc. with me?

A. We like to have all of the information in order to develop an accurate diagnosis for you. If a facility says it will mail the images to us, they may not arrive in time for your appointment. This may necessitate another appointment for you.

Q. Can I talk to the Doctor/physician assistant/medical assistant, if I have more questions?

A. Yes, you may speak with the doctor/physician assistant/medical assistant. Please call or main number (910) 332-3800. If the specific doctor, physician assistant or MA is in clinic assisting with patient care needs, he or she will respond to your question in between their patients. We usually have you speak with the MA or nurse first. If it is necessary for you to speak with your physician he or she will facilitate that encounter.

Q. Is it possible for me to see one doctor for my multiple maladies?

A. One physician can see you initially for all of your maladies; however, due to the extensive training our physicians have received, different maladies may be best treated by different physicians. This will be decided after an evaluation.

Q. Can I be seen for another body part too?

A. If your insurance is an HMO. We would need a referral for the other body part. When making your appointment, please identify body part(s) for which you would like to be seen this also helps our physicians and physician assistants to allow enough time in the schedule to assist you with both problems.


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