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Local marine back to active duty

After months of severe pain, cervical artificial disc surgery helps local marine quickly recover and return to action

David’s strengthening exercises, including pull ups, push ups and sit ups, were put to the test one January morning in 2008. While doing pull ups he experienced sharp pain in his lower back. When the pain did not go away, he went to the emergency room and was prescribed muscle relaxers for a pulled muscle. But David’s symptoms worsened and he was having difficulty sleeping at night.success story david

He went to the doctor on his military-base and was sent for chiropractic treatment. While the chiropractic adjustments provided some relief,the pain would ultimately return. Diagnostic exams including x-rays and an MRI were ordered for David. The results showed that he had a pinched nerve. He was referred to a local neurosurgeon where he received conservative care such as pain medicine and injection therapy for about two months. While the injections gave him temporary relief, the severe pain recurred and David could no longer perform his normal activities.

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Back on course after total knee replacement surgery at OrthoWilmington

Robert is a successful Wilmington businessman with an active professional and personal lifestyle. One of his favorite ways to unwind and relax is playing golf. But, after years of running down the basketball court, followed by years of twisting, squatting and walking on the golf course, the knee pain Robert was experiencing was getting worse.

success story robert

Robert’s symptoms were gradual at first, the knee pain and stiffness would happen only once in a while. But as the years passed the pain worsened, became more frequent and began to interfere with his life. He tried non-surgical treatments like anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and injection therapy. These conservative methods offered Robert some relief but his symptoms returned and the pain was becoming more severe at night. He noticed a reduction in his activity level because of this and walking more than a block was becoming difficult.

In early 2008, his physician referred him to Dr. Walter Frueh, a Hip and Knee Reconstruction and Revision specialist with OrthoWilmington, PA. During Robert’s examination with Dr. Frueh, the surgeon explained to him that basically the cartilage in his knee joints had worn out. Robert was suffering from Degenerative Joint Disease and his knee pain was so severe because bone was grinding on bone. Dr. Frueh discussed the total joint replacement surgery available for both knees if he wanted to return to his normal lifestyle, including travel for business and golf for enjoyment.

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Extremity - including foot and ankle, finger, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder

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Sports Medicine

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