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About OrthoWilmington

A Regional Destination for Orthopaedics & Spine

OrthoWilmington acts as a regional referral center for patients from across the coastal North Carolina and South Carolina region. The main orthopedic center facility in Wilmington, NC, combines orthopedic surgeons, MRI, X-ray, and an internal physical therapy gym all under one roof.

Within OrthoWilmington are board-certified orthopedic surgeons and physical medicine specialists who are fellowship-trained in various specialities, the highest level of medical training available in the United States. The surgeons are trained in the latest minimally invasive techniques for orthopedic surgery and spine surgery. Minimally invasive surgery enables patients to have surgery in the morning and be home later the same day to recover in the comfort of their own homes.

The orthopedic center is organized into specialty “care centers” which provides patients specialized care related to their problem.

Problems related to arm and leg fractures, ligament strains and pain symptoms are addressed in our Extremity Care Center.

Joint replacement — hip replacement and knee replacement — is addressed by our Joint Replacement Care Center, with orthopedic surgeons who do a large volume of artificial joint replacement surgery.

Sports medicine ailments, including sprains and strains related to sports activities like tennis, golf, water sports, football, soccer and baseball are treated in our SportsMed Care Center with specialists and therapists who gear your treatment toward returning you to your favorite sport and activity.

The Spine Center at OrthoWilmington specializes in back pain and neck pain and combines the expertise of fellowship-trained spine surgeons and a physical medicine MD for non-surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment options can include spinal injections that relieve pain symptoms non-surgically. When spine surgery is necessary, the spine surgeons at OrthoWilmington use the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgery techniques, as well as new advances like the artificial disc.

Across all these clinical “care centers” is a physical therapy team that provides customized therapy for each body part. This includes a therapy gym,physical therapy and therapists in some of our outlying satellite locations. OrthoWilmington has several locations across the Coastal Carolinas, including:

  • Wilmington NC
  • Porter’s Neck Plantation in Northern Wilmington area
  • Brunswick Forest, NC
  • Jacksonville, NC

At OrthoWilmington, we continually strive to improve the care of patients with orthopedic and spine problems. We feel this specialty center approach enables us to apply all of our broad resources in orthopedics and focus them on a specific area for the benefit of the patient.

We also recognize that quality in healthcare ultimately comes from an informed healthcare consumer, because if the consumer chooses an aggressive physician who is inclined to do surgery prematurely, or if the patient himself pursues aggressive treatment for the perceived “quick fix,” problems inevitably arise.

Consequently, OrthoWilmington has invested heavily in an educated healthcare consumer. We welcome you to explore this content-rich Internet presence which represents a virtual encyclopedia on orthopedics, sports medicine and back and neck pain.

This web site has extensive medical illustrations, an exercise library, video animations in English and Spanish of conditions and surgical treatments, downloadable PDFs with symptom charts and an informative Back to Life Journal on advanced treatment for back and neck pain, including the new artificial disc and how that can help those with badly herniated discs.

This Internet presence, to our knowledge, represents the most extensive Internet presence on orthopedics and spine in the Carolinas.

Lastly, we have a Home Remedy Book for back pain and neck pain that we distribute free as a community service for those who live in the coastal Carolina region. You can obtain a copy by calling us or emailing us, click here to request a copy.





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